Saturday, February 14, 2009

Living in the Age of the Apocalypse

What an age!

You try to forget. You make it through the day. You run down your checklists. You craft your five-year plan. But somewhere in the back of your mind you wonder, will I be the one to see this whole thing go up in smoke?

But are we really living on the brink of the apocalypse, or are we just apocalyptic people? It seems that every age has its own apocalypse to worry about. The World Wars. The Nuclear Holocaust.

Check the archives from the 19th century. You'll find the newspapers littered with warnings of deadly asteroids.

I think the Black Plague could have been quite disconcerting.

Perhaps "the apocalypse" is just the collective projection of our own individual fears of death.

And yet...

Once on a transatlantic flight to Stockholm I spoke to a girl who'd decided against having children. She didn't think it would be fair to them. And I must admit, it made me think.

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